zaterdag 5 maart 2016

Winner GiveAway, springtime and a workshop (week 9, 2016)

And the winner of my GiveAway is......... Onnyscreations. Congratulations!

So I will be illustrating the quote "Do what you love, love what you do" for her. 

Thanks for participating everyone! Will do one maybe in a month or so?
Yesterday I scanned my Spring drawing at work en printed it out on regular paper. They would be great as a coloring page and coloring postcard. 

I started today with a sketch and start of a drawing of a monkey. It's the year of the monkey after all...

It looked like a magical scene, on my way to a workshop in Ede

On the train I made a quick sketch of a parrot. 

At the workshop we used gelatos, musical paper abd stencils

How a page changes with letters or a quote... 

After lunch we did a second page

I love doing mixed media but never seem to get around to it on my own. So today was wonderful!

On my way home I noticed this beautiful quote on the to be torn down building. "And the further he went, so much longer took his return journey"

Back home the jogging clothes delivery was there... Just had to try it on immidiately :-) yes, long trousers! 

Have a great Sunday

xxx Emilie

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  1. gefeliciteerd...en je ziet er geweldig uit , roze is altijd oke

  2. Ooo wat super leuk dat ik gewonnen heb. Ik ben erg benieuwd wat voor een moois je er van gaat maken.


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