donderdag 16 mei 2013

Pencil Thursday - Snailmail: anyone interested?

May, 16, 2013 Pencil Thursday
Snailmail - anyone interested?
What I like about Snailmail is
that apparently there is
a need for handwritten mail,
even in this digital era.
For a long time I was one of the few
from my family and friends
who wrote and sent actual birthdaycards
But now that's picking up,
besides digital congrats via Google+ and Facebook.
I'm happy about that!
Because i'ts nice to write or to receive a handwritten letter or card,
A little gift included makes it more personal.
Doesn't need to be big or much.
Just something you think the person you send it to, will enjoy.
Do you want to Snailmail with me?
Send me an email
(address beneath the squirrel).
xxx Eem 

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